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Aurum - Order of Gold

The escape expercience of 2023

Escape Room Aurum Order of Gold is the next step in escape room experiences. No matter how many escape rooms you’ve played, we promise you’ve never done anything like this. We’ve worked for the past 3 years to give you an unforgettable expercience.

Good to know! Aurum is not suitable for everybody. Please read the FAQ carefully to make sure Order of Gold suits you and your group.

Go back in time 150 years

Escape Room Aurum Order of Gold tells the story of the Order of the Golden Dawn. A secret society founded in London in 1884. The influential members build temples in various places. Little is known about the goals of the Order, although it is said that they were trying to make gold.

In the late 1930s, the order disappeared and most temples were closed. No one knows if they managed to make gold. But maybe you will find out now…



Aurum Order of Gold takes about 75 minutes to complete.

You can play this escape room from 18 years and older. This is not because this escape room is very scary, but because we have not yet tested this escape room with children under the age of 18.

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“Recommended. Also for children. We were with group 8ers, kids love it, fun puzzles.”

Ertan on Google

“My daughter and her friends really enjoyed the Time Machine escape room and the party was a hit! The staff is also very helpful and kind. I would highly recommend it”

Elif on Google

“Children (8-10 years) had a great time. They were very proud to eventually solve the, sometimes tricky, puzzles. A few a small hints kept the speed in the game. Fun, amusing and exciting.”

Patrick on

“Fantastic experience. We played this room with the family and it was a super fun family activity. The puzzles are perfect for children and adults. Very nice staff.”

Laura on