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Black Box Escape Room

Unique escape room for big groups

An escape room for big groups: Black Box. Play with 7 to 24 people at the same time in the same escape room. This is the escape room to play with big groups! A spectaculair experience, in which it is crucial to work together to escape. Play Black Box and find our if you’re the perfect team.

In this escape room for big groups you’re going to solve puzzles in different groups. Sometimes you’ll work together with the whole group and for other puzzles you have to form smaller groups. At the end of the escape room you will all work together for the big escape! Collaboration and communication is crucial to escape as a team. Because of this, Black Box is the ideal activity for groups who want to work on their teambuilding. But of course it’s also a lot of fun for families, sport teams or bachelor parties.

The perfect team?

Inventor John Jacobs was working an a revolutionary research project. His plan was to combine all human knowledge in one system; the Black Box. To prevent this knowledge falling in one persons hands he created a test. Only a perfect team could activate the Black Box. But before the first test groups would arrive, John died in his lab. No one has been able to activate it since.

In 75 minutes you and your team will discover all parts of this beautiful and challenging escape room. Will you be able to complete all the tasks and puzzels in time? Than you truly are the perfect team!


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“Very fun escape room. Good service!”

Joseph on Google

“Played Black Box with colleagues, very cool! Perfect combination between small and entire group assignments. Good guidance and everything arranged perfectly! Recommended!!”

Esther on

“Played Black Box with 16 colleagues, fun challenging puzzles. Highly recommended to play this room with a large group. Reception is good, everything well taken care of!”

Rob on

“Ok wow, I’ve played many escape rooms before but this one is really good. Good level of difficulty and thoughtful games. The staff is also good! They really make it a game.”

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